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Facebook Hits The Nasdaq May 18, 2012

Facebook finally going public in its first day of trading Facebook opened up a $38 a share. At the end of the day Facebook stocks increased $.13 per share, however this is not a bad thing. Although it doesn’t seem like the stocks increased a lot it was a bad day in general for stocks.

All the employees of Facebook became millionaires yesterday and it looks like all the hard work has paid off of them. It’s not going to be an easy task of Facebook in the future things they grown so much in the last three years. Now it’s time for some new inventive ideas on how Facebook is going to compete for Internet domination. With this new social media frenzy between Facebook twitter Google and other social networks, Facebook has the advantage. They have been most uses and the stock itself is worth more than McDonald’s and just a short time ago has tripled in uses.


If you’re wondering if Facebook is going to change their answer is of course. Facebook has been changing since it was developed over seven years ago. The way the post are shared, messages, and the list goes on. Mark Zuckerberg said I will never sacrifice the users experience. He seems very passionate about what he does and he is a man of integrity. Hopefully the Facebook experience will be one to share with your friends and family for many years to come.


Thanks Mark for making this all possible in the social media network.




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