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Art Institute Of Philadelphia
1622 Chestnut Street
Center City
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Cross Street: 16th Street
General Information
Making the commitmenT to yourself to invest in creative education is a big step, and one to be congratulated. Now come the questions: how, when, where, what do I need to do? At The Art Institutes, everyone you come in contact with is focused on one thing: helping you achieve your goals and get a degree that you can use to launch a creative career.

About The Art Institutes 
Our creative economy is producing opportunities for people to make an impact. You can take advantage of those opportunities-and prepare to create tomorrow – with a focused education at an Art Institutes school.
Check out these videos and explore our programs in design, media arts, fashion and culinary.


As a visual thinker, you could create in any medium from TV ads to packaging to architecture to imagining new products.
Media Arts
Combine your creativity with the latest technology to produce animation and special effects, video games, web sites, sound design, film and video.
Design fashions for the runway-or make a name for yourself in fashion marketing, merchandising, or management.
Create not just food, but unique dining experiences for today's consumers.

Media Arts

From smartphone apps to social media websites, we expect the next and newest everything. And thanks to the creativity and technical savvy of media arts professionals, that's what we get. With a media arts degree at an Art Institutes school, you can join those innovative thinkers. 
Web Design & Interactive Media
Your technical skills and design talent could lead to a future creating digital experiences for traditional and mobile web devices.
Audio Production
Record, edit, mix and master audio in professional studios as you work toward a career adding music and sound to a growing world of media.
Digital Media Production
Explore new ways to combine digital audio, video, broadcast graphics, and animation.
Study the artistic and technical aspects of the profession, including design, composition, portraiture and image manipulation.


With your visual talents and the skills we'll help you develop, you could start filling the world with your ideas. Explore our focused programs. And prepare for a career where you can create your own tomorrow.
Graphic Design 
Communicate conceptually as you study color and composition, visual expression, typography, print production, and fundamental art direction.
Interior Design 
Designing tomorrow's spaces is about creating the architecture of a building's interior with an eye to accessibility, the environment, and safety.
Practice conceptual and creative thinking, art direction, copywriting, brand strategy, and media buying as you prepare to connect consumers with  brands.
Industrial Design
Every object you use started as somebody's rough idea. Learn to combine form and function to create the things we'll all be using tomorrow. 


Whether your style of creativity is nudging you toward the design or business side of fashion, your love of clothes can connect you to a world of career opportunities. It starts with a fashion program at and Art Institutes school.
Fashion Design
Study traditional and computer-generated design, patternmaking, and product sketching as you grow your talents and explore your personal style.
Fashion Marketing
We'll show you how to turn your love of fashion and your business sense into a career.
Fashion Merchandising
Develop a talent for creating a compelling visual impact that'll have the sales floor buzzing. And your career moving forward. 
Fashion & Retail Management
Explore everything from consumer behavior to managing a retail operation.


The Arts

Today's consumers have an appetite for foods from all over the world. At The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes North America's largest system of culinary programs-you can develop the skills to give them what they want. You'll study fundamental cooking techniques. Explore a broad range of international cuisines. And prepare for a career where you create tomorrow's dining experiences.
Culinary Arts
Sharpen your cooking skills and explore international influences. You'll work in specialty areas like baking and pastry, garde manger, and a la carte.
Culinary Management
Prepare to manage a food service operation creating harmony among menu, ambience, staff and customers.
Baking & Pastry
Build skills in bread-baking, dessert-making, cake decorating, and pastry arts, along with critical thinking and business fundamentals.

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