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La Salle University
1900 West Olney Avenue
Nort Philly
Philadelphia, PA 19141
Cross Street: 20th Street
General Information
La Salle is a private, co-educational, Roman Catholic university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Named for St. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, the school was founded in 1863.

La Salle College was founded in March 1863 as an all-male school by Brother Teliow and Archbishop James Wood of Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It was first located at St. Michael's Parish on N. 2nd Street in the Olde Kensington section of Philadelphia. La Salle soon moved to the building vacated by St. Joseph's College at 1234 Filbert Street in Center City, Philadelphia. In 1886, due to the development of the Center City district, La Salle moved to a third location, the former mansion of Michael Bouvier, the great-great-grandfather of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, at 1240 North Broad Street. Due to space constraints, La Salle finally moved to its current campus at the intersection of 20th Street and Olney Avenue in 1930. The new location had a suburban feel with ample land, but was linked to the city by trolleys and the newly constructed Broad Street Subway.

La Salle University The 1930s proved to be a tumultuous decade for La Salle, which was nearly bankrupt after being unable to sell the 1240 North Broad Street property. The main academic building on campus, College Hall was unable to be finished due to a lack of funds, and the college nearly closed in the late-1930's. The school's closing was prevented by a 75th Anniversary Fund Drive in 1938, spearheaded by Philadelphia businessman John McCarthy. Funds raised from this drive also enabled La Salle to purchase a tract of land to the east of 19th Street, where Philadelphia had intended to build a city college.

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  • Vision: In accordance with our belief that History is, as G. R. Elton once put it, “the only living laboratory we have of the human experience,” the History Department of La Salle University seeks to immerse its students as broadly as possible in that experience. In the best tradition of the Christian Brothers, we aspire to teach our students “where we find them,” regardless of means or status. Toward that end, we take to heart the words of the University’s Mission Statement, seeking to “break students out of narrow parochialisms,” and to not shrink from showing them the full reach of the human past. We believe that the end of such training is the development of our students as both active citizens and, more importantly, fully realized human beings.
  • Expansion: Affirming the University's commitment to its community, both on campus and off, and to its mission, La Salle has embarked on an ambitious plan to expand its campus footprint and improve its facilities. Within just a few short years, students will be conducting experiments in a new wing of laboratories in a renovated and expanded Science and Technology Center, walking a tree-lined path through campus to a bridge leading to West Campus, and drinking coffee, socializing, and shopping at a new retail center. Throughout this site, you will learn about the vision and generosity that have made these changes possible, and about how a thoroughly modern revamping of campus has stemmed from a 145-year tradition of serving La Salle's students and neighbors.
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