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Thomas Jefferson University
1025 Walnut Street
Center City
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Cross Street: 10th Street
General Information
Jefferson College of Graduate Studies (JCGS) offers graduate programs in the biomedical sciences. With PhD and MS programs, postdoctoral training, graduate certificates, non-degree classes, and a combined MD/PhD option; JCGS has what you need.

The Jefferson College of Graduate Studies of Thomas Jefferson University, established July 1, 1969, is responsible for the planning, operation, and Thomas Jefferson Universityadministration of educational programs of Thomas Jefferson University that lead to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. It is also responsible for stimulating, establishing, and coordinating research and post-baccalaureate educational projects that cross traditional school boundaries. Each of the PhD and MS degree programs is headed by a program director and most programs share faculty from several academic departments of the university.

  • Doctor of Philosophy Programs: The Jefferson College of Graduate Studies offers PhD programs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell and Developmental Biology (with track in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine) , Genetics, Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis, Molecular Pharmacology and Structural Biology, Neuroscience, and the Joint (flexible-entry program option). The PhD course of study offers training in intellectual and technical skills that permit the graduating student to continue on towards an independent research career in academia, government, or industry.
  • MD/PhD Program : This program is for students who wish to prepare for a career in academic medicine and medical research. This program requires study in both Jefferson Medical College and the Jefferson College of Graduate Studies and provides students with both medical education and a theoretical and practical foundation in a field of biomedical research.
    Master of Science Programs: The Master of Science programs in Biomedical Sciences, Cell and Developmental Biology, Microbiology, and Pharmacology prepare the graduates for supervisory or other professional positions in fields of importance in the delivery of health care or in research and development. Most of the course work for these programs is scheduled for late afternoon and evening hours to allow students holding full-time positions to participate. The completion and presentation of a Master's research thesis is a prerequisite for MS degrees in the basic biomedical sciences.
  • Postbaccalaureate Pre-Professional: The Postbaccalaureate Pre-Professional Program (P4) is designed for individuals seeking to complete their basic science requirements in preparation for entrance to medical and pharmacy schools.
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