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James Logan Home
4601 North 18th Street
Huntington Park
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Cross Street: Courtland Street
Hours Of Operation
April thru December:
Tuesday thru Saturday, 1:00pm -4:00pm
January through March:
By Appointment only

James Logan erected this fine example of early Georgian architecture in the countryside near Philadelphia between 1723 and 1730. Logan had come to Philadelphia with William Penn in 1699 as his secretary, and for the rest of his life remained the Penn family’s representative in the colony and at the center of Pennsylvania’s political life. Although now in a densely populated urban area with factories and railroad nearby, Stenton’s present three-acre site preservesJames Logan Bedroom significant buildings, landscape, and objects. As perhaps the most important building in Philadelphia extant from the early 18th century, Stenton offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to explore the material culture and the political, cultural, social and architectural history of one of the elite families in Colonial Pennsylvania, as well as the lives of others who lived and interacted with the property. In 1899, the Pennsylvania Society of the Colonial Dames of America entered into a lease agreement with the Logan family to manage Stenton. Then, after the property was purchased by the City of Philadelphia, the Society of Colonial Dames was charged in 1910 “to preserve and maintain Stenton as an historic object lesson.” Today, managed by the Stenton Committee of The NSCDA/PA, the historic site is interpreted to a wide public.

  • Admission:
    $5.00 Adults
    $4.00 Students/Seniors
    Children under 6 are free
  • Reserch: Stenton’s collections and archives are open by appointment to students and scholars with specialized areas of interest in 18th century decorative arts, architecture, and history. Please phone or e-mail Stenton for further information or to schedule an appointment.
    Groups: Stenton welcomes group tours and operators. Special arrangements can be made for any length visit or in coordination with visits to other sites in the area. Please contact us for further information.
  • Education: Stenton especially welcomes all ages of school groups to learn about 18th century life in extensive tours of the mansion, outbuildings and grounds. There are several educational program options for school groups based on the age of the students and the length of time allotted for a tour or educational program. Please call or email Stenton’s Program Coordinator, Kaelyn Taylor, at 215-329-7312.

  • The Family: Stenton was home to three generations of the Logan family, one of the most important in Philadelphia. The Logans were prominent Quakers and were actively involved in politics in the Colony and later, the United States. The history of Stenton is rich with stories about early America, told through the experiences of one family but also reflecting wider issues that were central to the development of the United States.

    James Logan (1674-1751)
    William Logan (1717 – 1776)
    George (1753 – 1821) and Deborah (1761 – 1839) Logan

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