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Atwater Kent Museum
15 South 7th Street
University City
Philadelphia, Pa 19106
Cross Street: Smith Walk
General Information
Administrative Office Hours Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Open for special programs and events. Galleries will reopen in 2012.

Exhibitions at the Philadelphia History Museum invite visitors to explore more than 300 years of the city's rich past everything from William Penn's utopian plans to the collective dreams of millions of Philadelphia sports fans. The Museum's engaging exhibitions feature large-scale objects, hands-on experiences, and multimedia presentations showing you what makes Philadelphia, well, Philadelphia.

An engaging slate of public programs makes the Philadelphia History Museum much more than the sum of its exhibitions and display it is a living institution for all Philadelphians and visitors to the city. We present a full schedule of lectures, concerts, presentations, and other programming that profiles the city of Philadelphia and its rich past.

Coinciding with Presidents Day and Washington's birthday in February, the Philadelphia History Museum joins with other local historical organizations to provide a look at Philadelphia in the 1790s, when it was the capital of the United States. Programs include a display and discussion of George Washington's desk from his time as president, Martha Washington's tea caddy, and other items from Philadelphia's time as America's seat of government.

  • Collection: Even if you cannot touch any objects in the collection (this is a museum, after all), there is a good chance that the objects in the Philadelphia History Museum will touch you. The Museum is rooted in the shared daily experiences of its people—and its objects spur vivid memories and discussion.  With more than 100,000 objects, dating from the 1680s to present day, the collections of the Philadelphia History Museum include original prints, paintings, photographs, and other items that detail the lives of Philadelphians. In addition to objects of national historic significance, the objects housed within the collection include artifacts relating to the history of Philadelphia industries and crafts; toys and dolls; sheet music; trade cards; political memorabilia; clothing and textiles; and a small library of books, periodicals catalogs, and pamphlets. The Museum also loans special items to other institutions around the country. For a list of History Museum items currently on view at other museums for more information click here.
  • Education Programs: At the Philadelphia History Museum, history is more than a subject studied at school or read about in textbooks. With insightful and stimulating curriculum-based programs and dynamic content-rich lessons — as well as teachers workshops and resources — the Philadelphia History Museum liberates the story of the city from the textbook page and challenges students to consider the world around them and the stories of their city in new ways.

  • Recent Aquisitions: Phillies Baseball Items The Philadelphia History Museum recently accepted a donation of baseball memorabilia related to the Phillies championship 2008 and 2009 seasons. The team's donation included a uniform worn by All-Star shortstop Jimmy Rollins during the 2008 season; a champagne bottle from the Phillies Clubhouse celebration of the 2008 World Series; a game-used baseball thrown in the 2009 NLCS; and team-signed baseballs from the 2008 and 2009 seasons. Passmore Williamson Items Selina Strong, the greatgranddaughter of Philadelphia Abolitionist Passmore Williamson, recently made a donation consisting of several personal items of Williamson's to the Museum.

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