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The Franklin Institute
222 N. 20th Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19103
Cross Street: Race Street
Hours of Operation
Already a Member? Call 215.448.1231 to reserve tickets at the Member discount. Member pricing is not available for online purchase. The Membership office is open Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM.


Flight Simulators

Adventure Flight 4-D
Adventure Flight is a 12-seat, 4-D full motion simulator in Franklin Air Show. Passengers on this out-of-this-world journey wear special 3-D glasses and experience surprising physical effects - such as air blasts - which enhance the ride and allow you to feel the full 4-D and HD effects.
Cost: $5
Riders must be 38 inches tall.

Max Flight
Want to grab the controls of a plane in flight? A 2-seat T-33 jet trainer allows you to see how to handle a real jet; it's the same flight simulator that has trained thousands of real pilots! Inside Franklin Air Show, Max Flight takes you into a virtual world, so try a lazy-eight or a 360-roll with no fear of having to eject!
Cost: $5
Riders must be 50 inches tall. Footwear restrictions apply.

Sky Bike
Launched in 2000 as the only high wire bike on the East Coast, and only the second in the entire United States, the Sky Bike sits 28-feet high above the Bartol Atrium. As visitors peddle on a two-wheel bike, across a 60-foot wire, only one-inch in diameter, it would take over 113,800 lbs. of direct force applied to the cable to break it! With a 250-pound weight that hangs below the bike to prevent it from tipping over the Sky Bike is an interactive way for visitors to learn the law of "center of gravity" in dramatic fashion!
Cost: $3
Riders must be 56-inches tall. Footwear restrictions apply.


  • Note: Notes: 1. Children are ages 4-11. 2. Seniors are 62+, Military must have valid ID. 3. FamilyMAX and Premier Members receive limited number of free IMAX or Franklin Theater tickets. 4. Pricing will vary for tickets to feature-length special engagement films in Tuttleman IMAX and Franklin Theaters. 5. In-service teachers from schools in PA, NJ, DE, NY, and MD may show identification at the box office to receive a free individual same-day Museum ticket
  • Important: Museum Admission Science Museum exhibits, live show, and one planetarium show $15.50 $14.50 $12.00 Free Museum Admission plus IMAX®* Museum Admission + 1 IMAX® Movie $21.00 $20.00 $17.50 Adult - $5 Child - $4 Museum Admission plus Franklin Theater* Museum Admission Plus 1 Franklin Theater 3D show $19.50 $18.50 $16.00 $3.50 Museum Admission, IMAX®, plus Franklin Theater Museum Admission, IMAX, plus Franklin Theater $23.00 $22.00 $19.50 Join Now and Save IMAX® Only IMAX® Only $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 Adult - $5 Child - $4 SkyBike Must have Museum Admission $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 Free Flight Simulator No flip-flops or open-backed sandals allowed.

  • IMAX: Theater is a Dome theater that is truly unique in a number of ways. Unlike conventional dome theaters that are 180° encompassing, IMAX® Dome screens are also tilted at 30 degrees. The special seating places the audience up in the dome completely involving them in the show. The dome is over 70 feet across and 4.5 stories tall. In addition, 20,000 watts of amplifier power and over 50 speakers will make you feel like you are part of the action. An IMAX Dome theater truly puts you in the center of the action. Home of Freedom will continue to be shown for select IMAX films only.
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