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Awbury Arboretum
1 Awbury Road
Philadelphia, Pa 19138
Cross Street: Chew Avenue
General Information
Awbury is open to the public year round from sunrise to sunset.  There is no admission charge to visit the grounds. Be advised that dogs are prohibited on the property on weekdays from 9am - 3pm.

Established in 1852 as the home of the Cope family, Awbury was donated to the City Parks Association in 1916.  Almost 100 years later, the Awbury Arboretum remains a vital part of the Germantown neighborhood. As part of its mission to connect the local community with nature and history, the Arboretum offers a number of public programs during the year.

The Historic District of Awbury Arboretum celebrates the existence and survival of a unique group of buildings whose history began over a century and a half ago. Their story is an important part of the history of the growth of Philadelphia's early suburbs.
Awbury began in 1852 when Henry Cope, a Philadelphia ship owner, bought a piece of farm land in Germantown to build a summer house for his family.His daughter and son-in-law, Mary Cope and John Smith Haines, had already built a house on adjacent property. At that time, Germantown which was not yet part of the the City of Philadelphia, was largely undeveloped and an ideal place for country living.
Henry Cope's house and the Haines' house were just the first of  a whole community of houses that were built by various members of the Cope Family over several
generations. The estate was named after the village, Avebury, England, from which
his family originally emigrated and soon became a year-round home for members of the extended Cope family. For example, when the Henry Cope house became too crowded with children and grandchildren, Henry's son Francis built a new house nearby in 1861. After that, three of Francis' children built houses in Awbury for their growing families. Other cousins in the family of Francis Cope's brother Thomas did the same. And so it continued, until by the 1920's 24 houses were scattered around what is present day Awbury.

  • Volunteer: Awbury has exciting volunteer opportunities available for interested groups and individuals.  We welcome school groups, community groups, and any organizations interested in service projects, as well as individuals willing and able to dedicate a few hours of their time. Awbury's Field Studies welcomes groups of 10-60 children from public, private, and home schools as well as day care and recreation centers. Cost is $4.00 per student. Teachers and chaperones are free. One adult is required for every 10 children in your group. A non-refundable deposit of $40 is required within two weeks of booking to hold your reservation. The balance is due on the day of your trip. Each lesson lasts 90 Minutes

    Lesson Time : 10:00 am - 11:30 am, for more information call 215-849-2855 ext:18 or email

  • Price to visit: Free
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  • Parking: Guests are welcome to use the small parking lot located at the end of Awbury Road next to the Francis Cope House. This lot cannot accomodate extremely large vehicles including buses, however special parking can be easily arranged. Please contact us at 215 849 2855 to discuss large vehicle parking.
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