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Fairmount Park
1617 John F. Kennedy
Boulevard - Suite 1670
Philadelphia, Pa 19103
Come check out Fairmount Park's two environmental education centers and its 112-acre working livestock farm. The Pennypack and Wissahickon Environmental Centers are open year-round. Experience their interpretive exhibits, wildlife viewing areas, picnic areas and miles of trails. Fox Chase Farm is an enjoyable place for children and adults to visit and explore. Click here

In Philadelphia's crown, few gems sparkle as brightly as the Fairmount Park system. One of the United States' largest and oldest municipally-operated park systems, Fairmount Park encompasses 9,200 acres and includes 63 neighborhood and regional parks.

The formation, growth, maintenance and enjoyment of Fairmount Park has produced one of the longest-standing examples of city and citizen cooperation. The images here document the diversity of Fairmount Park's landscape and history, and are the basis for an understanding of the complexity and challenges of Fairmount Park today.

Learn more about Fairmount Park through this modified version of a 1996 exhibit sponsored by the Fairmount Park Commission and the City of Philadelphia Department of Records.

  • Volunteer: Online Registration Form Making Fairmount Park the best that it can be is a collective effort. No one group alone can oversee its maintenance and growth. We know that community support (a.k.a. stewardship) is essential to the Park's continued existence and future success. So, we're asking you to play an active role in helping us preserve our Park landscape. Set aside a day and come on out to Fairmount Park. We guarantee that after volunteering, you'll know you made a difference (and we're hoping for return visits). Together, we can make neighborhoods better, keep our historic sites in mint condition, protect our open spaces and parklands, and improve the overall quality of life in our communities and the city. So, you're wondering how to get involved. Just select one of the options above. We collectively can make Fairmount Park an unparalleled resource in our region. Get involved. Call us. You'll be glad you did. .

Rules and Regulations

Fairmount Park belongs to all of us. We invite and encourage you to enjoy the Park, but please remember to clean up when you're done.

By following these rules and regulations, you'll help guide us in our efforts to keep our Park clean, healthy, and fun. So please, follow them.

Prohibited in all park areas:
Littering and dumping
Driving on the grass or other non-vehicle areas
Wrecking, removing or defacing Park property
Removing any plants, animals or rocks.
Vending, selling or soliciting anything without a permit
Lighting a fire, except in a stone fireplace or a metal barbecue stand
Using metal detector devices
Skiing, skating(rollerblading) or skateboarding on roads in the Park unless the road is designated for recreational purposes

Do not set up or maintain a tent, shelter or camp without a permit.

Permits are required if you're in the Park after the 1:00 a.m. curfew.

Your dog(s) must be leashed.

You may fish, but you have to follow the laws outlined by the Commonwealth.

You are not allowed to hunt, trap, chase or capture any kind of wildlife. Do not disturb any nest(s) or egg(s).

Loud music or noise is allowed only in certain approved areas under restricted conditions. A permit is required.

If you're having a meeting or assembly with 75 people (or more), you'll need to fill out a permit. You'll find permit information below.

Trail Use
Seven (7) miles per hour is the fastest you are allowed to go on Park trails. Please do not drive any faster.
Joggers - pedestrians have the right-of-way except during sanctioned and/or organized running races.
Bicyclists - all other trail users have the right-of-way, except during sanctioned bicycle races.
Bicycling is allowed on all roads within the Park, except as posted on Kelly Drive and Martin Luther King Drive (West River Drive).

Permits and Forms
Permits are required for a number of activities throughout the Park. To download a permit application please visit our forms page.

Athletic Fields, 215-685-0052
Sports and Field Permits must be reserved through the Athletic Facilities office to ensure field availability. Permits are required for all organized activities, some fees apply.

Picnics or Special Events, 215-685-0060
Park users wishing to secure a date and location for picnics, family reunions, or other special events in the park must obtain a permit from the Special Events Office. Permits are required for all groups of 75 or more! Fees apply.

Trail User, 215-683-0220
All users of Park trails over the age of 16, except those on foot, are required to have a permit.

Weddings and/or Photos, 215-685-0060

If you have any questions about the Rules and Regulations, please call 215-683-0200. Remember, we want everyone to enjoy all the Park has to offer.

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