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Independence National
Historical Park
143 South 3rd Street
Old City
Philadelphia, Pa 19106
Cross Street: Walnut Street
General Information
Free Independence Hall Tickets - distributed daily at Independence Visitors Center. First come, first served! Tickets can be reserved in advance for a processing fee of $1.50 per ticket by Get Tickets

Independence National Historical Park is many things to many people. It is, of course, as it was intended to be, a national shrine. The events that took place here two centuries ago, and the buildings and objects associated with them, are what attract visitors from every state in the Union and almost every country around the globe. This place where our nation began arouses deep feelings. The attentive silence of the crowds in the Assembly Room is a testament to this emotion. So is the awe on the faces of children as they view the Liberty Bell for the first time. But Independence is more than an object of reverence. It is also a place to be reminded of the ideals that formed the basis for the founding of the United States, and on which its continued survival depends. And as they tour the park, visitors are made aware that the formation of this nation was the work of men, imperfect like themselves, who transcended their faults and foibles to create an enduring democracy, the oldest in the world and a model for free men everywhere.

The purpose of Independence is serious, but the mood in the park is not necessarily solemn. Independence can be the setting for ceremonial, or for protest, or for celebration. It is a site that often appears on the itineraries of visiting heads of state or other dignitaries. With luck, the day of such a visit will be fine and the flags on Independence Mall will be snapping in the breeze. The motorcade will come down Chestnut Street with more flags flying, flanked by motorcycle-mounted Philadelphia police.  On the front steps of Independence Hall the superintendent, assistant superintendent, and other members of the park staff will be waiting in uniform to receive the distinguished guests. They will conduct them on a tour of the Assembly Room and to the Liberty Bell, and around more of the park if requested. How much these visits are enjoyed by the dignitaries is sometimes difficult to judge, but they are certainly enjoyed by the spectators. Like parades they offer a good measure of spectacle, enlivened by the excitement of press and television coverage, and spiced with a bit of pageantry and ritual.

    Independence Hall open 9 am - 4:45 pm, Liberty Bell Center open 9 am - 4:55 pm, Independence Visitors Center 8:30 am til 5pm daily.

  • Tickets: In planning your visit to Independence National Historical Park during March through December, we recommend that you reserve your Independence Hall tour tickets in advance online or by phone.Tickets may be reserved up to one year in advance through the National Park Reservation system. In advance for reservations.Visit www.recreation.gov There is a $1.50 per ticket surcharge charge when you order online or by Phone.You may call from 10AM to 10 PM Eastern Time.
    Call 1-877-444-6777 Individuals and families. Call 1-877-559-6777 Group sales. Call 1-518-885-3639 for International calls.
  • Additional Information: Reserved tickets must be picked up at the “Will Call” section  of the NPS ticket counter at the Independence Visitor Center (6 th  & Market Sts.)  You must claim them (using reservation number and valid identification) at least 45 minutes before  the tour on the day of your visit.  The “Will Call” section is to the left at the desk.  You do not need to wait in the walk-up ticket line.  Tickets not picked up 45 minutes before the tour may be released to walk-up visitors.  Refunds are only available if the Park cancels a tour.  No refunds are given at the Park
  • Parking: Parking garages nearby
  • Volunteer: Interested in history? Looking for volunteer work? You can help visitors connect with the special places set aside by the National Park Service here at Independence National Historical Park. Opportunities in the Division of Interpretation and Visitor Services (I&VS) include: guiding tours of Independence Hall and Congress Hall and orienting visitors in the park’s other museums and historic buildings. Interested? Contact I&VS Volunteer Coordinators at 215-597-7130
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