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City Food Tours
1518 Walnut Street Suite 1702
Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Cross Street: Sansome Street
General Information
Discover Philly's most popular food favorites while getting a taste of the city's rich history and culture! Eat like a local on this fun, casual, Philadelphia themed tour that all of 'youz' are sure to enjoy!

City Food Tours is a top-rated Philly attraction on and earned “Best of Philly” in 2009 for best tour of the city. Philly residents and unabashed foodies Robert Weinberg and Eric Matzke started City Food Tours in Philadelphia in 2007. Robert graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and the New York Restaurant School and owned a popular Philly restaurant. Eric studied sustainable agriculture in college and later took advanced courses at The Philadelphia Restaurant School. He is well versed in wine, beer, and aphrodisiac foods.

  • Ethnic Eats
  • Offered Sundays from 1:30pm –4:30pm
  • $39/person (gratuity not included)
  • Visits a taqueria, Vietnamese restaurant, huge Asian market, and Buddhist temple
  • A rare opportunity to enter a Buddhist shrine!
  • Includes enough food for lunch. Everything served is very approachable.
  • Designed for locals
  • Led by experienced food & culture experts.
  • Flavors of Philly
  • Offered everyday from 1:30pm-4:00pm
  • $39/adult, $29/child ages 10-14 (gratuity not included)
  • Stops at 5 eateries locals frequent for Philadelphia fare, including cheesesteaks. Also includes great sightseeing, history, and highlights of Philly architecture.
  • Includes enough food for lunch.
  • Great for visitors to the city and locals entertaining house guests.
  • Taste of Northern Liberties
  • Offered Saturdays & Sundays from 1:30pm –4:00pm
  • $44/person (gratuity not included)
  • Visits 5 Nolibs restaurants and cafes in and around the Piazza for food and beverages. Also includes short walks between stops to look at architecture and murals.
  • Includes enough food for lunch.
  • Designed for everyone living in and around Philly.
  • Craft Beer & Artisanal Cheese
  • Offered the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Saturday of every month from 3:30pm–5:30pm
  • $49/person (gratuity not included)
  • Held in one great location
  • Includes generous samples of 8 beers, 4 cheeses, and assorted breads, but this is not a full meal.
  • Equally great for local and out-of-town beer and cheese lovers.
  • Decadent Gourmet
  • Offered Saturdays & Sundays from 3:00pm– 6:00pm
  • $35 per person (gratuity not included)
  • Stops at 5 Philadelphia gourmet stops to indulge in sumptuous cheeses, a delicious PA farm-fresh treat, a variety of Middle Eastern delights, a decadent chocolate treat, and an assortment of lucious gelato.
  • A tasting adventure, not a full meal
  • Great for everyone, especially folks in the tri-state region.
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